Blogging? What's that?

I'm so disconnected right now from posting.  But the dust is settling around here so I'll be getting back to a routine soon.  As fun as our summer has been 'away' from our usual efforts, I think both SweetPea and I need our schedule.

In these last couple of weeks before school begins again (AACK!!! I can't believe I'm saying that), I'm trying to focus on the big "O" word--organizing.  School prep, the last of our shed and yard projects, the basement (this one is a permanent sticky), etc.  I'm trying to finish up an article I'm writing, work in some visits with homeschool friends before they disappear off my radar when school starts, schedule dental check-ups, etc.  I would love to work in some of my own catch-up reading, but I try to preread our Sonlight literature--SweetPea's readers--and I haven't even begun yet.  I figure I'll attend to my catch-up list sometime after 2014!

And on the fun list is our ongoing sewing class with our friends.  This week we sew aprons start to finish, having done all the learning and prep work--now the fun stuff!  I'll post pictures when they're done. 

God is good, all the time!


More vacation...

It's been a very fun week and a half so far of our stay-at-home vacation!  We have some dear friends that do this and I have to admit, it feels more like a vacation...no packing or travel hassels, all the comforts of home (!), sleeping in, simple meals, spur-of-the-moment shopping or whatever.  This week we took a couple day trips to take in a railroad museum, a picnic in the forest, and a geology museum.  I'm having a hard time, though, with letting myself play.  This house is my place of work, 24/7, and I'm challenged to just let the projects and housework go in favor of getting it done while we're not doing school!  (Can you tell I'm a Type A?) 

Yesterday while SweetPea was at friends working on our support group's yearbook layout (a bit late this year), Hubby and I shopped for home improvement stuff--you know, the kind of trip you never seem to have time for that needs both of you to make a choice.  We needed to pick out keystone, check out plastic lattice vs. wood (plastic, hands down!), get paint, and pick out perenniels for my newly landscaped terrace garden and redone front entry.  Red geraniums now greet you at my door.  It's raining or I'd post pictures...maybe tomorrow.  Very fun, very satisfying! 

And our rainstorm this evening brought not only cooler temps but an incredible double rainbow right out our window.  SweetPea took a picture so I'll see if I can round that up, too.

Tomorrow it's housecleaning and cooking.  My sis is coming for a visit and I'd be appalled for her to see our house in it's 'vacation' state!  :-)