Mission accomplished–Part 1

We did it!

Our house is finally on the market…clean, updated, and ready to turn over to a new owner. We’ve been at this a year now, plowing through all the “stuff” necessary to make it marketable. What a project! My take-away advice to you is: don’t wait until the last minute to get your house ready!

Instead of enjoying our wonderful Colorado outdoors this summer, we have cranked on the million little things it takes to make a major move. Oh the sorting, packing, hammering, painting, cleaning, labeling, weeding, trimming, and throwing out! How many times I’ve looked at something in my hand and thought, “Why have I kept this for so long?!” The local thrift stores have greatly increased their stock from our frequent trips.

We, of course, had good reason for not getting certain updates and clean-out done sooner: LIFE. A full-time job for one of us, the other doing the homeschooling; side eddies of health issues, major events, and the prevailing thought that “I’ll get to that one of these days” that somehow didn’t always happen. My Beloved did an amazing job over the years of fixing up a fixer-upper in his free time, but I’m amazed at what he’s accomplished in eight months of retirement!


I’ve loved using my new kitchen! Here you can see the New Improved! look:

I opted not to take down the old wallpaper before selling—just too much work with all the other stuff I had to do. But it’s got a sort of charm, nevertheless, and I have to leave something for the new owners to do, right?

A rainy summer made our backyard into a lush, green park…


So now it’s to sell the house, finish our packing, load up, and head for Arizona. This is the hard part—saying goodbye to all our wonderful friends and leaving with hearts absolutely full of fun memories and richness. Knowing that this all came from the loving hand of the Lord, I have confidence that this new chapter will bring its own world of goodness.

Mission accomplished, Part One. Stay tuned…