A puppy in our midst

Life has taken on a new dimension at our house in the form of an adorable black lab/terrier mix puppy named Sadie!  And...I had forgotten that an 11-week-old unhousebroken puppy is very like having a baby in the house!  Our week has been defined by chew toys, trips out to the yard, kennel training, manners training, quick-let's-get-some-school-done-while-she-sleeps sessions, and a lot of hilarious laughter.  God loves puppies!

We had to put down our 14-year-old border collie mix last Christmas (yeah, rotten timing) and it's taken me quite a while to feel I could take on a dog again.  Times have changed for me; when he was a puppy I had oodles of time to play and train and carry on.  But now I am a homeschooling mom who just can't take on more 'stuff.'  So I prayed for the Lord's mercy on our dog choice--a smart one, low maintenance, not a barker, quiet and adaptable.  We've got it all in Sadie and then some...quick learner, wants to obey, and as loving as can be.  So I feel I'm walking that mercy I asked for, and loving her to pieces.

(Can puppy training count for school?!?)