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A great first week

We had a really wonderful first week back at school, better than my expectations--all thanks to the Lord!  We're both really happy with our new schedule, liking our studies, and I think overall, really grateful for the balance the Lord has brought to our homeschooling life.  It's something I've been working at for a couple of years.  I know we'll have our ups and downs in the course of the year, but with a strong start, I'm encouraged and hopeful that we're on the Lord's track. This year, Sweet Pea's 8th grade year, we're doing Sonlight's Core 7, the second half of a two-year world history adventure picking up at the late Renaissance.  The King's Fifth by Scott O'Dell is a captivating adventure that takes place in northern Mexico during Coronado's explorations (quite a look at the devastation the Spaniards' "gold fever" caused to the indigenous peoples).  And our read-aloud, A Murder for Her Majesty is giving us a very

Back to school!

We had a wonderful first day back at our homeschool today, thanks be to the Lord.  While we were both sad to have summer 'officially' ended, we both said it was good to be on a schedule and in a routine again.  And who can deny the thrill that comes with a new set of books and the prospect of new learning spread before you like a feast? This school year brings us some changes as well, chief among them being SweetPea's desire for more independent learning.  So we're trying out a new schedule...and after one day, we like it!  We're up early and doing our 'together' work in the morning, then the rest of the day she's on her own.  Since we do Sonlight, I used the Instructor Guide page to add all the other studies--science, math, and out-and-about stuff for the week, made a copy for her, and she can govern her time to get it all done as she chooses.  She was a happy camper today, and I'm praising the Lord! One of my summer goals was to look at our weekly