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New efficiences

Well, in keeping with resolutions for the new year and all that, I've taken myself in hand to clean out, clean up, and generally deal with the piled-up disorganization of my home. Due to some health issues this past year, I just did not do a good job of keeping up .  Know what I mean?  Drawers, closets, shelves, cabinets, basements, all in desperate need of some serious attention.  As I've decided that a fundamental truth of a homeschooling mom's life is "Ten Minutes at a Time," I need to tackle this mammoth job in bite-sized pieces.  FlyLady would be proud of me (a.k.a. "baby steps")! Today it was washing and sterilizing the kitchen trash can between bag changes.  Yesterday it was the pegboard of miscellaneous stuff in the basement stairs.  Saturday it was bathroom blinds, screens, windows, curtain, and rugs (yes, more than ten minutes!).  But it's been very encouraging to see that it's working .  I can point to Progress. Here are some changes

Some good stuff in school

It was slow going last week trying to get back into the mental mode of school, but we did it.  Both SweetPea and I are glad to be back at it--we just seem to do better with a schedule. We finished a very interesting book last week, Dr. Jenner and the Speckled Monster .  It's the story of smallpox, the ghastly impact on our world over the centuries, and the discovery of the vaccine that literally conquered this "monster" and changed the world.  I highly recommend the book even as an adjunct to a science program.  In fact, it's a fascinating read for anyone, and certainly throws a different slant on history. I've said it here before, but I'm really delighted with our math curriculum, Teaching Textbooks.  I hear comments regularly from SweetPea of how much she likes the pace of it, the clear instruction, and how well she is understanding the foundational concepts of each topic.  Thank You, Lord!  This is music to my ears after a couple of years of curriculum-hopp

My new blog

Just wanted to invite you to visit my new blog, Feasting in the Word.   You can find it here .  It's my place to talk about the good things about the Lord that I'm learning.  Do stop by when you can!

Ring in the new

Happy 2010!  My prayer for you is that you will know the "blessing of the Lord which maketh rich and adds no sorrow to it"! We're already enjoying the sense of new beginnings around here... ...A new patio roof is about halfway done, with our Christian builders diligently working whenever it's not too cold to do so.  I think they're taking off Thursday; do ya think 13 degrees for a high is too cold to work outside?! ...Back to school today (yay! three cheers for Routine!), with some new directions before us. ...Some new and improved kitchen organization is making things better and more enjoyable in the cook's department, and I'm loving my new over-the-sink cutting board with hole/strainer basket.  How did I ever live without it?? ...And of course the excitement that comes with new goals.  I love that about the Lord, how He is ever able to make all things new.  I don't know about you, but I'm really ready for His renewing touch on a lot of things. I