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Home again...

Guess where we've been??? Yup, Arizona with all its wonders.  We had a spectacular day at the Grand Canyon--the ultimate field trip--complete with a clearing snowstorm, small crowds, and the utterly breathtaking views.  No matter how often you see it, it is still a shock when first it sprawls before you. We're back into our routine after a busy couple of weeks with family and fun.  I always say I need a vacation when I come home from vacation!  But it was memorable, filled with special moments like...quality time with both sides of the family, holding a new family baby, walks in the sunshine (not to be underrated when you come from winter country!), long talks over coffee, doing touristy things--which for me was fun considering I grew up there.  Some new and some old, great because we were with our loved ones. SweetPea even got to go to public school with her cousin for an afternoon--and I'm happy to report that she's thrilled she's homeschooled!  Even thanked me fo