Label crazy

What happens when you give a compulsive organizer a handy-dandy labeller?  Labels, of course!  Lots of them.

I had such fun a couple of days ago.  I buy spices, herbs, grains, and beans in bulk from our local health food store, but over time all semblance of order has fallen apart.  Some were in bags, some in jars, some upstairs in my kitchen, some in my basement pantry, and worst of all, some had ancient masking tape labels on them, curled and sticky and gross.

But my dear sister gave us the latest, greatest computer-style Dymo labeller, and no one could get lost in my Spiceville now!  I redid a cupboard also to store my beans and grains that don't need freezing, and it has left me wondering why I didn't do all this before!!

I used three different sizes of canning jars to bring about this order:  pint-sized for spices, quart for beans, and half-gallon for grains and flours in the freezer.  (I didn't even know they made the half-gallon size, but my friend Lisa found some for me at our local Kroger store.  Thanks, Lisa!)  The best part is now I can tell what I'm out of or low on at a glance.

Onward and upward, as they say.


  1. Oh I LOVE it! Is there a such thing as jar/shelf envy? LOL!
    in HIM, Gin

  2. Your Sis6/22/2010

    I'm so glad the label-maker was such a hit! We do love organization don't we? :-)

  3. Ohhh now you can fly up to Canada and help me in my pantry. [0= I have the jars but not the labler. I am going to have to look that up. Is it on the computer or something seperate ? I would love to know.

    Thank you for your prayers for Hannah. ((HUGS))

    Blessings and ((HUGS))
    In Him<

  4. Hey, I'd LOVE to fly up there and gladly do anything to help in your pantry!!

    The labeller is a handheld, battery-operated gizmo called a Dymo LetraTag. I suspect it was purchased at Costco, but I'm not sure. I found refill cartridges at Office Depot yesterday, so they must have had the labeller, too, though I wasn't looking. It does all sorts of cutsie things like borders with flowers and other stuff, bold, italic, etc.

    Whole vistas of organization have opened up to me!...craft supplies, office stuff, HOMESCHOOL!! :-)


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