Sew nice

I'm excited to finally be accomplishing a goal I've had for SweetPea for years...sewing!

God's timing is perfect, too.  She's old enough to really want to do this, and it's worked out for us to do it as a little class with our dear friends, a mom and two girls.  I'm teaching what I know and using a wonderfully helpful book, Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing as our text.   Man, this book has everything!  I'm learning a lot of new info myself and getting freshly inspired to sew again.  I used to make most of my own clothes, but then I started homeschooling...  

In our first class we covered all the tools of the trade, setting up our sewing baskets, going over terminology, etc.  We learned about patterns in our second class and took our measurements to see what size we wear.  And yesterday the fun really began--we took a 'field trip' to a fabric store to get the lay of the land, and chose fabric for the apron project we'll begin next time.  I'd forgotten how much I enjoy sewing.

And, I'm keeping track of all our hours so I can give elective credit for our high school program.  Such a deal!



  1. Right with you there--I love to sew. My daughter just started to learn this summer, too. Did you get the book at the library or buy it somewhere? It looks very interesting!

  2. Actually, I got the book at a garage sale--like new--then found another one for my daughter--then found another one for our friends! It would seem people don't use them, for they're in like-new shape, but it's a boon for us. :-) They have them on Amazon and I'd venture to say you could get it used.

  3. How fun! I would love to do this with my daughters!

  4. We are having SO MUCH fun in your class!! :D Our 'field trip' was just so delightful. I cannot wait to start sewing our aprons! :D Thank you so much for teaching us!

  5. Thank you, my dear, but I truly think I'm the one having the fun!! I'm teaching myself stuff!--ha! And you are most welcome...I have the best students in the world. :-)

    Miss Wendy


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