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Sunshine and shadows

This week reminded me of a summer day in Colorado...beautiful sunny skies with puffy white clouds passing in patterns across the blue, bringing a chill shadow to us below, then losing to bright sunshine again. Sunshine ...School went well this week, SweetPea and I working to make sure we got the academics done while juggling all sorts of 'other' outside things.  Besides drama class on Tuesday, Friday brought a full plate with art class, school, and a sleepover here with a couple of SweetPea's dear friends.  How I love the sound of happy laughter in my house!  And it helped to have nice, mild weather all week and not be shovelling or scraping ice or bundling up inordinately. While SweetPea's drama class spent a couple of hours blocking a scene, I snuck away with a friend I don't see very often to poke about in some fun shops. We discovered some new spices we can perk up our dinners with, and oh-ed and ah-ed our way through the loveliest flower shop I've ever

This and that

Every day this week I've wanted to post but it's been one thing or another...and sometimes the 'another' is I-need-to-sit-with-a-cup-of-tea-and-gather-my-brains! Drama took center-stage this week (no pun intended).  SweetPea's Tuesday afternoons are now filled with her drama class, a neat group of kids she knows doing a semester of dramatics with a Christian outfit, wrapped in a comedy version of "Robin Hood."  My composed and proper daughter will be performing the antics of a bumbling, social-misfit, klutz of girl, the daughter of the Sheriff of Nottingham--complete with a couple of pratfalls.  Should be interesting!  Over the weekend we attended a play by this same group, a fund-raiser starring the leaders themselves.  Pretty funny and quite amazing to see what they could do with good acting and minimal props. Second on the distraction list this week was a dream-come-true for SweetPea, the acquiring of a DSLR camera.  The treasure arrived on Friday,

A silver lining

What's white and cold, comes in fluffy mounds, kids love it, and you can have too much of it? No, it's not ice cream. I'm staring out at our third 'occurrence' of it this week, piled coldly on top of every tree and bush, looking lovely and seasonal and, well, sort of defiant .  "There's more where I came from!  You just think spring will be here in a few weeks...Punxatawney Phil is only a rodent.  What does he know?  I am the Snow, I cover all." Ahem.  No, I'm not really morbid, just feeling a bit confined.  The white stuff has defined our life this week--church cancelled, quick-get-to-the-grocery-store before the next round, too cold to walk, not too cold to shovel, and shovel, and shovel.  Daydreams of warm beaches with silky white sand, the smell of green things, and hot sun on my head interfere with school and pots of hot soup.  Flip-flops, sunscreen, iced tea, and crickets...sigh. But back to reality.  The confinement has actually bee

It's a heat wave!

  Considering that in the past 48 hours it was down to -15, this feels positively balmy.  I must be some kind of wimp, but I just don't like to be cold (that good old Arizona blood in me, I guess). But we haven't suffered.  God has kept us warm... ...kept me in hot tea... ...given us beauty to look at... ...and something to dream about... It's been a good week.