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Some thoughts from a high school seminar

We ended a very busy week with a full day yesterday attending a homeschooling-high-school seminar put on by our state organization.  I'm a semester late on it, but c'est la vie.  Better late than never! Thankfully, I'm not too far off track in what I've been doing for record-keeping, grades, etc.  However, we got a lot of new information about after-high-school options, testing, etc.  Right now I'm overload about all the stuff you have to do for a college degree, but at least we have a lot of choices now as to how to get that done.  I'll cross that bridge a bit later. In no particular order, these were some of the points about high school I thought noteworthy: All the same reasons you chose to homeschool for the elementary years still apply.  Don't give in to fear. Don't let 'college' drive your life or your homeschool. Don't be driven by the calendar--consider a 'gap' year after high school. At Ivy league schools, 1% identif

Jesus' secret

For the longest time I've pondered a question about the incredible way Jesus had with people--how did He do it?  What was His secret? Obviously, He healed them.  When you're hurting, sick, and desperate, that would drive you to someone with a reputation for 100% success, whether or not you understood His mission or message. And He delivered them.  He tackled the root causes of devilish oppression, spoke the word of authority and command, and people were set free, totally and permanently.  Fear and torment melted in His presence, destructions were halted cold, and hope sprang to life in the wake of instant restorations.  Yes, I'd join the crowd, too, running. I think the most compelling quality we'd all say He had, though, was His love.  Somehow, they knew He loved them.  Many's the time I've tried to picture the scene:  His smiles and glad welcome, an open-armed approachableness that made each one in the crowd feel they were special, that it was them He

A pair of mini-miracles

When God does something really BIG in your life, you're awestruck at His power and faithfulness and mercy.  A breakthrough, a healing, an answer to a long-term prayer, they're the memorable milestones of walking with our incredible Lord. But I find I'm just melted by His love when He does something little .  Something that isn't important in the grand scheme of things, but that means something to only me.  Personal.  Loving.  Oh, my, it's those times I'm overwhelmed to realize how much He cares about me, about every detail of my life. I had two of those this week, and of all the crazy things, they were about earrings . A couple of months ago I lost one of a pair of my favorite earrings, french earwires with dainty round pieces of abalone shell.  They went with so many of my favorite outfits.  Not a clue, just gone.  Chagrined, I asked the Lord to help me find it, but after all this time, I was thinking I'd try to get stuff from the craft store to make

This 'n that

I'm glad tomorrow is Friday!  We've got sunshine and mild temps and it's nigh onto impossible to settle down to Duty.  My restlessness (cabin fever?  spring fever?) drove me to rearrange the living room this week, a satisfying set-up that put my favorite sittin' place in front of our sunny window.  My cup of jasmine green tea, my book or Bible, and I'm happy. Our school is going well.  SweetPea plugs away faithfully and has hit a 'good spell' in Algebra, for which I'm grateful.  This week's literature is wonderful:  a beautifully written story about a young girl in the Dust Bowl era, Out of the Dust , and our read-aloud, Christy , by Catherine Marshall.  I'd forgotten what a good writer she was, and we're savoring the rich characterizations and vivid descriptions.  One of the things I have just loved this year using WriteShop to teach composition is how it has provided such specific and clear understanding of the mechanics of good writing,

My keeper!

 We are in such an incredible place as children of the King, every day, every minute, in every situation.  I was so blessed to be reminded this morning... "My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth. He will not allow your foot to slip or to be moved; He Who keeps you will neither slumber or sleep. The Lord is your keeper ... The Lord will keep you from all evil; He will keep your life. The Lord will keep your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forevermore." ~ from Psalm 121 Amen!