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I'm sitting at our breakfast table looking out at a sea of green--a lushness in our yard that can only be attributed to the huge amount of rain we've had the past couple of weeks.  In fact, our support group's Field Day got cancelled for today due to rain.  Hopefully the reschedule next week won't be cancelled because of rain; more is predicted.  Though we didn't get much snow this winter, they're saying we've already made up for the deficit for water, which here in the southwestern part of the nation is always an issue.  God is good! Back to green.  Another blessing of our cool and rainy May is that the lilac blossoms have hung on and hung on.  SweetPea told me that they've been out so long they're kind of bleaching out from what sun we've had.  It's great...our grass isn't crispy anymore and everything looks like it's breathed a sigh of relief and perked up its collective head. My VBS project is moving along well, thank You, Lor

Is it Friday already?

It's a good thing we had a refreshing week last week in Arizona...I sure needed high-octane this week! Monday greeted us with the first of two days of testing for SweetPea, the standardized stuff we're required to do by the state.  Since then we've flown between unpacking, and laundry, yardwork, Bible study, haircut, shopping, a last-minute chance to go ice skating, home stuff, and, oh, yeah, school.  I'm eagerly awaiting a week wherein we actually do school every day--seems like it's been a long time since that's happened!  With all the activities, we've pushed the end of school deep into June.  We're doing great for meeting our required hours and days, but finishing up our curricula is another thing.  I know the public schools often don't finish their books by the end of the year, but I just can't do that.  I like the closure of finishing it all, if possible, so we'll press on. I received an assignment from the Lord this week, too, that

A play, a trip, and happy May Day!

I fully intended to have a proper see-ya-later to my blog readers a couple of weeks ago, before SweetPea's play production week and our Easter trip to AZ to see our families.   But it didn't happen.   So here I am composing my blog update on the road home, enjoying a late spring snowstorm (ahem--note insincere tone) whirling around us and savoring some very sweet memories. I would not generally recommend trying to plan and pack for a trip while participating in a play, but as is His gracious custom, the Lord helped us.   "Robin Hood" was a smashing success, drawing repeat viewers and filling our cups to the brim with hilarity and immense satisfaction.   SweetPea's defining moment as a rookie actress came in the very first production when she was supposed to bounce gaily offstage, then bounce back in with a golden arrow on a pillow for Maid Marian to present to Robin for winning the archery contest.   Alas, when she went to pick it up offstage for her bounce-in, it