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Free Bible study software

In case you haven't heard of E-Sword, let me introduce you.  This is a powerful Bible study tool that comes loaded with a variety of Bible versions, commentaries, dictionaries, search functions, etc.--and best of all, it's free !  You can create your own notes and studies, research Strong's concordance numbers, set up daily devotional readings, and create Bible reading plans.  In addition, you can purchase extra Bible versions and all sorts of study helps. We love it and encourage you to give it a try!  Check them out here .

Saturday reflections

I guess I've been on a blogging-vacation though it wasn't intended.  My spring was so busy with things outside our home and school, that when June hit, so did all the backlog of what I hadn't gotten done.  I've been chipping away at my yard work, tackling piles of seasonal laundry and ironing, cleaning and organizing the house, catching up on visits with friends, and trying to enjoy the beautiful out-of-doors as much as possible.  And frankly, I've been tired.  The mental kind that affects your energy and vision.  I know I need some 'space' to rest and refresh, but it seems rather elusive with the never-ending need-to's and looming new school year.  I'm trusting that some vacation time with our families will help refuel my empty tank. So I've scaled back on everything I don't have to do and am trying to spend time in the Word and being refreshed in the presence of the Lord.  He's the One who can make it all right and new, give me fresh