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Pain and progress

While I'm held captive in the kitchen tending food on the stove, I have a few minutes for an update.  My poor blog(s) have been on the back burner (no pun intended).  My poor hubby's back has been the front-and-center issue in our family life the past couple of months, and continues to be that until we get the issue resolved. Turns out he has a herniated disc, the culprit of his intense pain.  We have a couple of options before us now, including that of surgery, so we're seeking the Lord's wisdom what direction to go.  I'm thankful for the good help we've had with physical therapy, chiropractor, and the counsel of professionals--and the sustaining mercy of the Lord.  We're trusting Him for complete healing and restoration.  We'll all be glad when this is done! SweetPea has managed to stay on track with school and make good progress through it all--and has had a special blessing sent her way in these recent weeks, ice-skating lessons.  It's real


I'm pleased with the steady progress SweetPea has been making in her schoolwork this year so far; partly due to our decision to keep a watchful eye on how many outside activities to participate in and partly due to her own commitment to 'stay the course.'  Last year's outside stuff piled up the second semester and pushed some of her studies way out into summer, so we don't want to do that again. One of the lovely benefits of a more disciplined schedule is that we've had time for some really meaningful discussions.  I remember this age as being when I really began to take hold of my own accountability to the Lord and know that I wanted Him to be the defining presence in every part of my life.  What a privilege to be daily with my daughter, helping her work through her issues and seeing God grow not only our relationship, but hers with Him. Several of her friends are seniors this year and having to grapple with the 'what am I going to do with my  life?'

Whose side am I on?

I've been pondering in recent weeks about the subject of criticism/judgment/accusation.  Seems like there is so much of it out there, either flying at us from others or doling it out ourselves, whether overt or subconscious, just or unjust.  If you are a recipient of this unlovely trio, you know how painful it it, how it can paralyze you with insecurity and hurt.  We feel misunderstood, our hearts race to our defense, and we might lash back, fight for justice and dig in to maintain our position.  Or we might simply cave in, believing that we are really that bad and buy the whole package of "I'm not worth much."  The net result is usually that we distance ourselves from the source and go into protectism mode, avoidance. The other side of the coin is when we dish it out.  "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks," so whatever we've been secretly thinking about someone might come out in a 'justifiable' situation, usually when we'