I'm pleased with the steady progress SweetPea has been making in her schoolwork this year so far; partly due to our decision to keep a watchful eye on how many outside activities to participate in and partly due to her own commitment to 'stay the course.'  Last year's outside stuff piled up the second semester and pushed some of her studies way out into summer, so we don't want to do that again.

One of the lovely benefits of a more disciplined schedule is that we've had time for some really meaningful discussions.  I remember this age as being when I really began to take hold of my own accountability to the Lord and know that I wanted Him to be the defining presence in every part of my life.  What a privilege to be daily with my daughter, helping her work through her issues and seeing God grow not only our relationship, but hers with Him.

Several of her friends are seniors this year and having to grapple with the 'what am I going to do with my  life?' question, check out colleges, fill out paperwork and pursue scholarships...and I'm SO relieved we're not there yet.  Still a couple of years away, but it seems quite overwhelming right now.  Thank God He has a plan for my daughter and will show us what to do.  I'm not ready to let go of my little girl, to let the big world have her just yet.  Homeschooling an only child means that when she graduates, so do I, sort of. 

So I'm thankful for these quiet days together, for the joys and laughter we share, and for this learning journey we're both on. God is so incredibly good!


  1. *gulp* I am not looking forward to that stuff either! I am glad that you are seeing fruit of your diligence. Saying no to good things is very hard. I am thinking we may do more of that soon. I want to be able to do it all. But is it really the best thing to do? Not really. To answer your question about camping, we have one more trip planned for my youngest's birthday the end of October. We are kicking around the idea of one in November if the weather cooperates. Plus, this weekend is supposed to be nice, so who knows we might just dash off at the last moment on Friday. I am getting ready anyway. My husband was looking at campsites today, but no firm plans. We are a bit eager to make the most of this great weather because the winter will be long!

  2. So glad things are going well. What a great testimony to the spiritual time you get to spend with your daughter. We have already started talking about the 'what to do' thing (Sarah is a sophomore) and though we all agree to leave it in the Lord's hands, I don't see Sarah going to a 4 year college. But I guess we will wait and see. :)

  3. SweetPea's progress is amazing, considering how much time she and her friend, Booklover, spend chatting. :) Tell her to be a good influence on my Booklover, and to encourage her to use these years to attain unto wisdom and favor with God and man. (It may carry more weight if it comes from a beloved peer.) Booklover is a Thomas Edison type student. Definitely NOT made for the classroom.

  4. Good for you and for her, being more disciplined and desirous of accountability to the Lord! What a blessing :-)

    My youngest is in his final year of high oldest is in his final year of college. So in May of 2012, I will "graduate" along with the two of them! All that college stuff begins the junior enjoy this one! It's not so bad, just keep really careful records of her work, her tests, her grades, etc. Makes life so much easier when college apps come along! I have a sister blog for's all about homeschooling high school and young adults: , if you're interested in it.



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