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We had a quiet Christmas which suited us fine this year.  We've been so busy that it's been good to just rest and regroup!  I've loved having a few days to process the events of the year, get my calendar in order, and begin on my planning and goal-setting. I just love the whole notion of cleaning out, cleaning up, reorganizing, and prayerfully considering what God is speaking to me for the new year.

One of the biggest helps I've had the past few months is a free software program called ActionOutline Lite (the "lite" is the free version; you have to pay for the premium). You can plan anything in outline form and flesh it out in a second pane that works like a word processor.  It's fantastic!  I finally have a place to pop every little piece of information--in an orderly place.  The screen looks like this:

Each tab you create is a separate outline that organizes everything you want on that subject.  I have my daily to-do list, goals & planning, blogging and my writing projects (you can organize and write a whole article and see at a glance where to drop in a piece of info), holiday and gift planning, homeschool and support activities, etc.  If you end up with a lot of tabs/outlines, you can hide them or mark them into a favorites list.

You can use color and flags, different fonts, bring in URLs, use numbered or bulleted lists.  You can print directly from the screen, which I find saves me a lot of time cutting and pasting in a word processor. I'm quite amazed at the simplicity and functionality of the program.  Great happiness for an organizational freak!

The tutorial that comes with it is very clear and in minutes, you're in business.  You can read more at their website:  http://www.actionoutline.com/lite/

Happy organizing!


  1. Oh I like organizing. I am definitely going to check this out, thanks for sharing. :)


  2. Oh, that's neat! I LOVE to organize! It sounds like fun. I'll have to check it out.

    Hope you had a good New Years and your year is going swimmingly thus far. :)


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