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Q & A

People everywhere are struggling, some massively. Pain assaults us on every level—rejection, loss, sorrow, guilt, physical issues, heartbreak, failure, financial crises, hurt, disappointment, shattered dreams, tragedy—the complexity of life's issues sap our strength and joy; questions for which there seem to be no answers leave us in a haunting despair. And if that's not enough, the “what-if's” awaiting us about tomorrow leave us frightened and frantic. Depending on our personality, we deal with this stuff differently: push it down out of sight and hide it under a smile; express it in violence; turn to various addictions; call it something else and pretend it doesn't exist; or lash out in blame. I've drunk from the cup of each of these hurts sometime in my life. Probably most of us have. I thought I would never recover from some of them. But I can truthfully say that even though I don't have answers for some of the more heart-lacerating imponderables o

My annual snow post

We got our slug of winter whiteness over the weekend, heavy and beautiful, well over two feet.  A legitimate excuse to hunker down with a fire in the fireplace and be cozy was wonderful after a busy week...happy sigh. After my honey had hurt his back last summer, I petitioned him to get us a snow-blower.  As is so typical of the perfect timing of our kind Lord, we had just gotten one last week--and sailed through the mountains of white stuff.  My goodness, what a blessing and a relief. There wasn't any tea on the terrace... ... nor will there be today--we woke up to another five inches!