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The emperor has no clothes on

One of the summer projects I have as a homeschooling mom is to preread a few key books my daughter has scheduled for her curriculum. In the elementary years, our literary adventures were a pleasure romp—wonderful stories of kids living in other places and times, biographies that inspired us, gripping mysteries that we couldn't lay down until we finished. But with each passing year, I've had to be more attentive to screening out titles that I think would not be good for her, not in line what our aims are for her education, character development, and spiritual growth. When she was little, she would have nightmares for weeks after seeing something as innocuous as “Willie Wonka” or a good old World War II movie. I realize that every child is different in their development, tolerances, and so on, and thus, we shape our curricula choices to that. And admittedly, my student is on the conservative side and I'm aware of the impact of troubling material on her.

Road trip

I love, love, love the Southwest.  Having spent most of my life living in one part or another of it, I never tire of the vast variety of landscape and climate.  Within a day's drive, you can go from arid desert to forested peaks to dramatic sandstone cliffs and pinnacles.  And always, the views that stretch on forever. One of my favorite things to do is to take a road trip through this incredibly scenic part of America.  We did that this last month for some vacation time with our families in Arizona, taking a more rural route and drinking in the ever-changing scene before us.  I thought you might enjoy a "postcard" look at some of the contrasts of this wonderful land... Mountain vistas... And mountains in the sky... Funny shapes.... I got to touch four states all at once--Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona--the only place this happens in our country.  Notice the inscription around the landmark... "Four states here meet in freedom u