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A birthday

Dear Mom, I’m missing you today. It’s a special day, my precious daughter’s 17th birthday. Today as I was remembering the morning she arrived, my thoughts were filled with you as well. You had come for a long visit to help me get ready for the baby, were there when we brought her home, and loved her right from the start. I’m sorry you’re not with us to celebrate. I’m hoping you can see from your home in heaven what a lovely young lady she’s become. She’s like you in many ways—a creative dreamer, one who can handle words well and who lives much in her imagination, always thinking in terms of story. You’d love her sense of humor and would no doubt laugh to tears with us when something hilarious strikes us both. She’s a homebody like you, preferring the times of solitude and thought to the hustle and bustle of the world. She loves 40s music and books and femininity—really, a girl after your own heart. You’d be so blessed to see her love for the Lord and her commitmen