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Morning sun

I’m a morning person.  Nothing delights my soul quite like watching the day begin, my hands warming around a mug of hot tea, my Bible in my lap, and an hour of quietness before me.   One of the joys of our new home is the morning sunshine that streams in my kitchen window, welcoming me to a new day.  I fix breakfast with a smile on my face at this sweet gift the Lord planned for me. And once the weather warms up, I’ll greet the sun on my new favorite spot!

Mission accomplished - Part 2

Or…Home, Sweet Home! Yes, we’re finally settled in our new home, the last part of this grand adventure we’ve been on the past year. What a relief! It’s so good to be in a routine once again, with order to our days and a new sense of place and belonging. Our house-hunting efforts were not successful for many weeks. For one reason or another we dismissed each one and though we knew God had the perfect house somewhere, it was hard to wait. We thought we wanted to be in a rural area that seemed right for our needs and so had focused our looking there. Finally one day in November my dear hubby proposed a different thought—a neighborhood in an area closer in to our families and amenities, not rural but a better fit in many ways. Suddenly it seemed right, and believe it or not, within two hours we found our house! Everything went fast and we moved in early December, in plenty of time to decorate for Christmas. It is perfect for us—a short walk to my in-laws’ house, an easy drive to o