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There's a bottom to that trial

Some years ago I found myself suddenly suffering from a severe systemic candida infection. Sugar and carbs were the enemy--they not only made me violently sick, but released toxins that caused miserable symptoms. Within hours of the diagnosis, I had to go cold-turkey off of half what I normally ate, eat only meats, fish, eggs, and green vegetables, and begin the regime of natural meds that seemed all my body could handle. I cried through more than one meal. Not being able to eat all the good things I cooked for my family was brutal. The candida made me ravenously hungry; the spartan diet I was now on didn't satisfy, and my body was having to shift from getting its energy from carbs to proteins. But the scary thing for me was rapid weight loss. I have an average build, and at the time had very little extra to lose. Within the first month, I lost 25 pounds with no end in sight, and I was soon seeing a gaunt, not-well reflection in the mirror. One afternoon, a jeweler, who was